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Protecting thatched roofs


Thatch is environmentally sustainable, warm in the winter, cool in the summer and makes you the owner of one of the prettiest houses in the village. The biggest safety threat is old wiring, so conduct a full electrical test to make sure the circuit is earthed properly. For open fires, use seasoned timber to avoid sparking. Thatches can also be treated with fire retardants or a fire-retardant membrane. Creatures may seek protection in the roof void, which may require normal pest control. Only when a thatch is nearing the end of its life will birds attack it for nesting materials: the highest grade of thatch - water reed - is very tough and, with maintenance, can last up to 40 years. A wire mesh on the roof can help prevent pest damage too. We advise clients on such isues and point them to the Thatched Property Association which provides further information, including which insurers provide good cover - it shouldn't be more expensive if you follow the guidelines. Visit

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